International and Domestic Cargo Insurance Explained

International and domestic cargo insurance refers to goods that are gathered in warehouses and en route to destinations aboard vessels, planes, parcel company venues, US mail trucks, postal air and watercraft, venues, barges, rail travel and trucks.

The following are frequently asked questions about cargo insurance and marine insurance by business people.

Q: I had thought that my transportation carrier would pay for any losses incurred while stored at the warehouse or in transit. Was I mistaken?
A: Your goods may indeed by less likely to be exposed to the same loss risk as others. That does not mitigate in any way your exposure to other factors like a sunken ship, a plane crash or any other disaster and you are at risk to General Average losses as well.

Q: As part of a commercial company that ships overseas, I know that selling C. & F. and buying C.I.F. protects with insurance coverage. Why should I buy Ocean Cargo Insurance?
A: C.I.F. Insurance terms own serious set of issues, like interacting with a foreign insurance company with a cargo insurance claim. You should also be cognizant of the fact that insurance terms form abroad pale in comparison to those in the U.S. It’s important to be aware of your status if you sell your goods C. & F. Until your goods are loaded onto the ship or plane you are considered the seller and may be liable for losses that occur from the time goods are transported to the dock or airport until they are loaded up. This is why it is very important for you to have good coverage that a cargo policy gives.

Q: What is the reason my business should purchase insurance from a U.S. insurance company instead of a freight forwarder?
A: Freight forwarder insurance is available only on limited terms. Some call it ‘perils only’. This coverage doesn’t protect the majority of shipping risks and perils. Additionally, freight forwarder insurance premiums are mostly higher. Freight forwarders specialize in logistics – not insurance! That is why they cannot provide give you the professional guidance and service the leading insurance writers can. The leading agencies that deal directly with the top companies have the capability of searching through their networks to locate customized Marine of Ocean Cargo insurance that best suits your individualized commercial requirements. In other words, those in the American insurance industry are far better equipped to offer tailored coverage than the freight forwarders.